Rave Gear

Rave Gear is an essential component of the rave experience. There are countless of accessories that can be used to enhance your time and make it a night to remember. Whether it be reviews on the best; rave gum, menthol inhalers, techno hand fans or light gloves… We’ve got you covered!

We’ve tried them all, and we’re going to breakdown for you the best so you don’t have to blunder your way through some of the sub optimal gear we had to pass through.  

Articles on Rave Gear and Accessories

Top 10 Items To Spice Up Your Next Rave

So the music is blaring, you’re high off your tits, you’ve expressed your unyielding appreciation towards your best mate for the 3rd time in a row ] But how? How do you approach that ambivalent, yet gorgeous LG batting her

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