Top 3 Trippy Rave Glasses

You’ve rolled once or twice now and you’re ready to take it to the next interdimensional level! You wanna start seeing the vibrations of the universe. You want to enter that euphoric realm of distorted perception where everything just makes sense. Well here are our top trippy picks to help you on your way.

1. GloFX Black Kaleidoscope Glasses - Rainbow Rave Prism Diffraction

These Kaleidoscope Glasses are tripy AF

The GloFX Kaleidoscope glasses will send you for a whirl. Utilising Rainbow Spectrum Technology these glasses will distort all the lights, lasers and whatever else you’re beaming to into a finely ground distorted kaleidoscope. Perfect for that cheeky light show!

2. GloFX Ultimate Diffraction Glasses - 3D PRISM Effect

Pure Diffraction Baby...

Prepare to enter another dimension.

If the Kaleidoscope look is a little too, esoteric for you. Blend in with these more normal looking Diffraction Glasses. Do not be fooled by their normal appearance, these glasses diffract the light into multiple shards sending even the most experienced raver into a trance. With a durable PVC frame, these are going to make an awesome trippy enhancer to your rave repertoire!

3. GloFX Black Kaleidoscope Glasses - Rainbow Wormhole

What's Down This Wormhole?

Spiralling into your new distorted perception of reality.

Not for the scatter gun approach? Want to feel as if you’re tumbling down an interstellar cosmic wormhole? Want the Harry Potter look while you’re at it? The GloFX Black Kaleidoscope glasses give you just that. These won’t just distort your perception they will twirl it into a fine spiral, so you can keep your eyes on one spot. 

Final Word

Glasses are a perfect little gimmick to go with your Rave experience. Here were our favourite 3 that we’ve collated for you. Each with their own unique style of distortion, giving you a variety of ways to view the world. Happy raving, and see ya around… Well, probably not if you’re wearing one of these. 

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